Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Candy Hearts and Chocolate Kisses

I like Valentine's Day.

Now, just hang on a minute. Don't shoot the messenger. Hear me out and then get all up in arms, if you must.

I like Valentine's Day. I take no issue with those of you who thinks it's purely a consumer holiday meant to cost men lots of money while their women complain about their gifts. Personally, if I knew any of those people, I'd hate Valentine's Day too.

I take no issue with those of you who don't want to spend an arm and a leg on an expensive dinner in a crowded restaurant. I worked in restaurants for years. Valentine's Day dinner out is a complete pain in the ass. It's overpriced, too rich, crowded and loud. Here's an idea...don't do it. Cook something at home. Order a damn pizza. Just relax already!

I take no issue with the dentists who object to the amount of candy consumed today.

I take no issue with the Victoria Secret models who look like THAT in THOSE, when I look like THIS in THESE. Ok, I might take a small issue with the models, but good god, have you seen those women?

I take no issue with the people who believe love is for everyday and if you're only going to show your love on one day a year, then you're probably a douche bag. They're right...you probably are. You should work on that.

Here's why I like Valentine's Day:

1. My kids get really excited about it. They're still young enough that they all give each other Valentine's and are genuinely happy to share their love with the whole class.

2. It gives people an extra chance to show a little extra love. Sure, I show my husband I love him most of the time. But if I can show him, or the kids (or the mailman...I jest!) a little extra love on this particular day, why not take advantage?

3. It's perfectly reasonable to eat candy...and donuts for breakfast. Who's going to argue with me on that one?

4. My husband and I have been together long enough that when we tell each other we're not getting each other gifts for Valentine's, we mean it. Well, I mostly mean it. I usually have to get him at least a piece of candy or something.

5. Not that I need one, but it gives me a reason to make something extravagant, like lasagna, on a Tuesday night. Even when we have swimming lessons the same night. The floors might stay sticky, but dadgummit, there will be lasagna.

If you hate Valentine's Day, hate away. If you love it, enjoy your day. If you love it only for expensive gifts and fancy restaurants, you've got issues, but I probably can't help you with that.


  1. Valentines Day is more fun with kids. We don't do it up big or anything, but I like having another reminder, another excuse to do something silly and sweet for the ones I love :)

  2. I like Valentine's Day for all the same reasons you do. We didn't go to a crowded restaurant today - we're going to go tomorrow instead. (-:

  3. I loved it! My girls get excited to see what "Cupid" brought them and they plan the Valentine's for their class weeks in advance!

  4. I don't an issue with the way those Victoria Secret women look in THAT because they're not women, they're robots. And I'm way sexier than a robot. At least that's what I tell my husband.

  5. I'm still sticking with my bah humbug stance. ;)

    Great post!

  6. I eat chocolate everyday anyway but I agree: any reason to show a bit of extra love is a good one.

  7. VD is definitely more fun with kids...mine LOVE it!

    And my husband and I don't get each other anything either...and we really don't.

  8. Chocolate is a reason alone to tolerate Valentine's day.

  9. Haha...I am a Valentine's Day lover, but not because of the gifts. My kids get so excited too. And we did have pizza for supper...it was heart-shaped. :)

  10. The only reason I hate Valentine's Day is how commercialized it's become.

    I do like the idea of spreading love to those who need it on a day like this.

  11. We are a schizophrenic family here on the V-Day issue. The teens and tweens are totally out, but the littles LOVE it!! Their enthusiasm brought everyone around this year. -Erin

  12. My husband and I are kinda 'meh' about Valentine's Day. But since we've had children and they're sort of at an age that we can 'celebrate' it, it's way more fun now. We order take out and watch a movie. I wrote him a poem this year for the first time in 12 years so...that's pretty romantic no? ;)

  13. Thanks for all the comments, folks!

    Sarcasm Goddess - if they're robots, then I shall stop taking issue with them. Even if they are loaded beyond belief. ;)

    Non-Stop - That's ok. I'll still send you kisses.

    Jackie - chocolate is a reason to tolerate any day.

    paradigmjohn - I'm impressed? And hoping it was a dirty limerick.

  14. Valentine's day will always be special for me. Valentine's days in the past were about honoring a very precious time. Valentine's days in the present and future represent a celebration of love, kindness and joy.

  15. I admit, I'm not a fan. However, you hit a nail on the head... kids love it. We actually had a fun Valentine's Day at our house this year. I'll let the kids decide whether or not to celebrate - my husband and I can take it or leave it.

    Nice post!

  16. Until he goes to school and gets candy and cards, the Little Dude won't care about V-Day. All he knows is that he received a couple random gifts out of nowhere on a Tuesday. My wife and I are mostly ambivalent about it as well, beyond cards.

  17. We do Valentine's day a couple days before Valentine's day--it's our little tradition...and then we can feel all smug on the 14th ;-)

    Kids are what makes Valentine's day the best, isn't it? I love how they get all excited about it, too.

  18. I use to not love Valentines, but I wasn't a hater either. Having kids though makes Valentines so much fun. It's great to appreciate it in a different way.



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