Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh the Things You Can Do

So, yesterday I was in the bathroom. And as I sat there (yes, women actually do use toilets, even if their male counterparts refuse to acknowledge it), I started doing things. No, not things attached to my elimination system. But other kinds of things. Do you have any idea what a woman can do while she's on toilet? I've compiled a small list, just to give you a idea of the things I can do:

1. Sort laundry.

2. Restock the toilet paper.

3. Yell at the kids.

4. Yell at the dogs.

5. Yell at the cats.

6. If there happens to be a pen and paper nearby, I can make one of my many, many lists.

7. Teach the kids how to knock on a door BEFORE entering.

8. Brush my hair.

9. Empty the wastebasket.

10. Try really hard to take a nap. But we don't have one of those cushy toilet seats, so that's a tough one. And if it actually does happen, chances are my legs will fall asleep and then I'll give myself a concussion when I crash into the sink when I try to stand up.

Multi-tasking from the bathroom. Give it a try. See what you can do!